Tar and Gravel Roofing in Muskogee

A traditional roofing system that has stood the test of time, Quality Roofing Systems LLC provides standard tar and gravel roofing system that are reinforced with state-of-the-art modern roofing technology that includes layers of waterproof roofing materials of asphalt and tar paper topped off with protective layer of gravel for superior protection that stands up well against any form of abrasion and UV ray damage. Our licensed and insured roofing specialists provide skilled tar and gravel roof installations, repair and maintenance for commercial and residential buildings in Muskogee .

Tar and gravel Roof Installation

Tar and Gravel roofs are a popular choice due to their cost effectiveness and ease of installation. Trained Quality Roofing Systems LLC roofing technicians begin by installing the roof membrane followed by several layers of fiberglass canvas alternating with hot asphalt. The final layer consists of a fine coating of gravel to prevent damage from the sun and any form of abrasion.

Keeping Your Tar and Gravel Roof Well Maintained

Since tar and gravel applications are most commonly installed on low sloped or flat roofs in Muskogee , they are eventually prone to water pooling and moisture infiltration over time. Regular maintenance from Quality Roofing Systems LLC roofing professionals helps to extend beyond the average 20 year lifespan of a built-up layered roofing system. Roof leaks on a built-up roofing system typically occur near flashings, eaves and chimney and are often caused by high winds that has worn down surface gravel and exposed the surface to the sunā€™s rays. The early signs of problems with built-up roofing is blistering and cracking ion the roof surface that if not addressed promptly will eventually lead to roof leaks, moisture damage in the form of mold and mildew and may require complete roof restoration. Quality Roofing Systems LLC provides qualified roof inspections and recommends regular tar and gravel roof maintenance to protect your investment and ensure long lasting performance. Our experienced team of roofers provides skilled expertise in all areas of tar and gravel roofing applications that include tar and gravel roofing solutions that are affordable and help your systems last longer.

Advantages of a Tar and Gravel Roofing System

Ease of installation ā€“ As a time tested roofing option in use and refined over several decades, Quality Roofing Systems LLC roof installers have extensive experience and knowledge with the most advanced industry techniques that result in efficient tar and gravel roof installations for home and commercial buildings across Muskogee .

Long Lasting Performance ā€“ With regular professional maintenance a tar and gravel roof can last 30 years or more. Tar and gravel is extremely sturdy and highly damage resistant.

Exceptional UV Ray Protection - Harmful UV rays are deflected from the durable surface layer of gravel on a built-up roofing system that not only keeps it cooler, but helps it last longer.

Cost-Effective ā€“ Less expensive than other roofing systems with synthetic membranes, the cost to benefit ratio of a tar a gravel roof is a sound investment that is easy to maintain and repair.

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